Welcome Home to Colorado Land Jurisdiction!

Colorado State Assembly provides enlightening information & education to understand status correction & provides a simple paperwork process for you to correct your status. Once you claim your corrected status as an American National, you live & breathe on the land, regain your unalienable right to your property outlined in our founding documents, and participate in self-governing, which is republican self-governance.

As an American & a Coloradan, you deserve the protections & remedies that have been hidden from you for generations. The good news is that many historians & researchers have spent countless hours researching the intended governmental structure–the government which our founders set up–& the actual history of the United States of America unincorporated from the end of the mercenary conflict of the 1860s to this moment.

Come Home to the Land of Colorado

your birthright —- your inheritance

When you were born, your parents registered your birth with the state where you were born via a Birth Certificate. However, this registration was a deceptive & fraudulent act. In legal terms, this act converted your status from “American” to “US Citizen” (aka, “citizen of the United States“).

You may ask yourself, “what is the big deal?”

This “unlawful act” changed your status & your standing in the law. Rather than being recognized as “a living being on the Land”, you were converted to a “person lost in the jurisdiction of the sea presumed to be dead.”


Contact Colorado State Assembly and complete your paperwork on Colorado State Assembly International Recording & Publishing Office.

Colorado State Assembly is informing & educating Coloradans about lawful government

We have our standing American court in operation through our Jural Assemblies, our peace keeping militia rebooting the land jurisdiction county sheriff, & we are educating people concerning how to respond to the predatory practices of foreign courts, the IRS, & all other agencies that are abusing their power to entrap people through false contracting.

Declaration of switching dependence

from the divine right of kings & supremacy of the pope

to dependence on whom the pilgrims chose to depend on

the triune God, King of all kings, Lord of all lords

Declaration of Independence

As American Nationals and Statesman, we stand on the land jurisdiction under our unalienable right to our property as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

We are restoring our lawful government; choosing to peacefully uphold the public biblical law & we are asking for your participation!  Our effort is not about politics; the issue is about criminality & lack of authority & accountability.