bio – Ralph Moore

Title: Florida Assembly Coordinator & Interim Chairman

truthing america

It is truly an honor to be on this historical journey and I encourage you to join us as we move forward restoring our lawful original government. I was born a son, a West Virginian, 13th descendant of John Price an ancient planter, who survived the Jamestown massacre. Thomas Jackson “Stonewall” was my grandmother’s second cousin. Our family moved to Piedmont, South Carolina when I was 3 years young. Our family enjoyed camping. I played the usual community and school sports, the band playing the trombone and keyboard. A family of 5 with a sister as youngest, one younger brother, and an older brother plus Mom an RN, and Dad, a volunteer fireman and sewing machine mechanic. Two weeks after graduating from Southside High school, I was in Orlando, Florida for basic training in the Navy.

my personal life

Navy career consisted of learning the job as an Airplane Electrician, completing Airplane Electrician Journeyman, sailing on the USS Saratoga, Desert Storm/Shield, USS John F Kennedy, and stationed on NS Mayport, NAS Cecil Field, NAS Jacksonville, HC-16 on Pensacola. While in the Navy, I completed a BS degree from Southern Illinois University in Workforce Education Training and Development, Master Training Specialist, Course Manager, Auxiliary Security Force Team Leader, Watch Commander, Career Information Program Manager, and many other collateral duties. After retiring, I joined Homeland Security as a CTX 9000(CAT SCAN) operator for TSA for 3 years then on to the University of North Florida Continuing Education as a CSX course coordinator and Quality Manager. Lead State Job Profiler for WorkKeys. Completed Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean, Project Management, and others. All the education and training do not make me a subject matter expert but rather a better student for life-long learning.

things that matter:

Married for 36 years to a beautiful young lady who is the love of my life, my anchor, my trusted friend. We were blessed to care for a daughter and two sons. As a Navy wife, she maintained the home-front while I was deployed. Our daughter and her husband have blessed us with two grandsons and a granddaughter and our youngest son and his wife with a granddaughter. Moving steadfastly toward providing a revived American republican form of government for our grandsons and daughters and future generations.

What is this American States Assembly? I can’t tell you how many times I have said that to myself before the Truth hit home. For now, I will tell you, it is not a grassroots organization or an association. It is the lawful original jurisdictional government. I knew something was wrong with the way “our government” was acting. But I could not really see the main show with 9 other circus rings(agencies) causing distractions. That is not our government sitting in the halls of Congress and in the Senate and in the White House. They re-present you! They are privately owned foreign government service providers under contracts called Constitutions. I want to share with you this movement, I realized the power begins in me, if I give it away, I no longer have it. If taken by deception and fraud, I may not recognize that I gave it away. Until I stand up and say there has been a mistake, the presumption remains that I gave it away. We were most likely born an American but unlawfully converted very soon after our birth to a US Citizen and Citizen of the United States.

I have learned, Only Americans can save America. We have stopped making little Americans just like Rome did before their fall. We have allowed our schools to be dominated by a communist curriculum, we have allowed our churches to become state-controlled corporations, we have allowed civil rights to replace God’s Natural and Unalienable Rights. No one can correct this mistake for you, you must take action. The voice of Patrick Henry rings true today as he said on March 23, 1775, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

You will learn that you cannot be a US Citizen or citizen of the United States and complete the work that needs to be done. The American States Assemblies are completing the reconstruction by repopulating the Original Jurisdiction structure. Just as there is a mystery to the New Birth there is a mystery to being an American. I want you to look in the mirror and say, “ I am not afraid of the government”.

Many have taken an oath to support the Constitution. I thank you for your service. Were you told which Constitution your oath was being made to? As shown on our website:

you will learn that there are 3, yes [simple_tooltip bubblewidth=’400′ bubbleopacity=’1′ content=’July 9, 1868 — 14th Amendment was imposed under color of law due to 28 Territorial states of States alleged ratification of it. It was added to the Territorial Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States of America and the corporate charter “Constitution” of The United States of America, Incorporated, both, without ratification by the American States, but never added to the original Federal Constitution — The Constitution for the united States of America, which again proves that all of this activity was by, for, and on behalf of the Territorial Citizenry and not the people of this country.’]3 Constitutions[/simple_tooltip]. That is why we correct our military records and correct our status. You must correct your standing, status, and jurisdiction on the land. You are the solution to restore liberty throughout this land. You have the power to become a Modern-Day Founder. We thought we were Patriots, but we did not understand LAW (Land, Air, Water). We didn’t know the United States(incorporated) was different than The United States of America(unincorporated). Americans do not have Constitutional Rights, we have Natural and Unalienable Rights. Our rights are endowed by our Creator. We hear often that the Constitution is the law of the land. The Constitutions(contracts) are their laws when they are on our land. We are learning about law and government and the actual history of our country and about money and the media and so many other things. You have the power within you, to make the change… Undo the unlawful conversion of your birthright. America has not seen anything like it in 160 years.

Please note that they, not you, are the ones who have been acting as so-called “sovereign citizens” and committing trespass, insurrection, usurpation on the lawful government—- Who really separated from who? These impostors are lording it over their employers(the people) and ruling over the public at the same time that they are public servants and taking their paychecks from your pockets.

They have attempted to paper over these illegal activities (purportedly undertaken on your behalf, but against your own best interests and against the directions you left them in the constitutional agreements) by claiming that you are not you, that you are in fact a Municipal “citizen of the United States”, and/or a British Territorial U.S. Citizen — and in either case, a person who was never owed any constitutional guarantees or protections. So now both of these huge corporations are bankrupt.

One of them, the Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. is defunct. This commercial corporation and its offices— including “President of the United States” no longer exist. That is why Joe Biden has no “transition money” and no office to transition to.

The other British Territorial Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is in Chapter 11 Reorganization. Its presidential office – President of the United States of America — is still viable.

Now, both of these corporations are just Subcontractors assigned by your actual government, so you needn’t be overly alarmed.

2020 and 2021 have been ‘The years of Trespass’. Trespass physically, mentally, and spiritually. Great deceptions, unconscionable overreach, fraud, bribery and revealing of the perpetrators involved in foreign taxation, child theft, blood sacrifices, censoring, licensing, foreign “titles” and “descriptions” placed on your land, foreign mortgages and foreclosures, funny money banking, securitization of living flesh resulting in enslavement and peonage— all these evils, can be stopped simply by you and your neighbors declaring your proper political status and filling your jury pools and electing your court officers. I encourage you to go and read our mission statement found on web site. You know in your heart something is wrong. Everything is backward.

If you are proud to be an American, why don’t you become one?

Are you one of the People self-governing on the original Jurisdiction or one of their People (US Citizen or citizen of the United States) who is taxed, vaxed, masked, and patented. And governed by foreign corporate governmental service providers?

SAFE, SAFE, SAFE – Sacrificing America For EVIL

When you hear talk about being safe, just remember they are sacrificing America for evil. Stealing America’s Freedom Everywhere!!! That is their cry.

We say Securing America’s Freedom Everywhere! Spell evil backward and you have live.

A 1950’s pamphlet read something like ‘When their World Government systems endanger the freedom and safety of the American people and suggest the end of the Government of the United States, everyone associated with such arrangements in any capacity must share a degree of responsibility and guilt for any and all subversive, disloyal or treasonable proposals or acts, and for any serious consequences. This is no academic proposition. To be plain, the aims and objectives of the leading American movements dedicated to World Government add up to TREASON!’

Our reference to comprehend these things is not taught in schools. Civics was replaced with social studies, descriptions of America are a socialist country, social distance, and social this and social that. We must teach American History, not US History. Cultural Marxism is everywhere. We do want to Save America For Everyone(SAFE). Secure America’s Freedom Everywhere(SAFE)!!

We the People created government to secure our Rights. Does the creature dictate to the creator? Freedom is and has been weaponized. They use Racism, private enforcement corporations, sustainability, family, gender, health, extremism, and whatever your God-given rights are and highjack them because they consider themselves as your gods. Our connection with each other and God is being severed. God’s mandate or man’s mandate? Antisocial distance, masque, injectables, de-platforming, character assassination, and financial attacks mold you into conformance. No virus will be required for the next rollout if allowed. The basic steps to install a new government:

  • Demoralize
  • Destabilize
  • Crisis
  • New Controls

We are Truthing fellow future Americans to enable the removal of cognitive dissidence (that conflict within your soul where your beliefs do not match actions). All the earth suits we are born in are different, just plain common sense and observation. All the various earth suits contain living souls, we all will bleed red, we all will shed tears that are clear, we all feel love and anger. Love is the greatest currency. As Helen Keller once stated that some things can neither be seen nor even touched, they must be felt with the heart. All the different earth suits we are born in can cry out with one voice together just as our Patriots did.

The Truth exposes all these troubles(trespass) from their courts and exposes unlawful systems of social control created by the foreign agents to benefit them, not us. Together, we populate our own land and soil jurisdiction, the Original Jurisdiction Courts to serve the People/people of our States and Counties. Once our courts are up and operational, their foreign courts by prior agreement established by Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 4 Wall. 2 2 (1866), must withdraw and stop presuming upon us and misaddressing us. Only Americans can do this.

What can stop you? You, as an American, are members of a separate population and you exist in a separate jurisdiction and you are responsible for your own self-governance, which includes operating courts for your own people. It’s up to all of us to do something truly effective to end this situation on a permanent basis. And that is? Declare our proper political status as American State Nationals, and, as adults, step forward to engage in self-governance as American State Citizens. Having the “right” to self-govern is not the same thing as doing the work of self-governance and thereby exercising that right.

  • A Turn-key political correction process
    • Florida will provide you a dedicated recorder to walk through the process and answer questions regarding the political correction process
  • High-Impact video conferencing
  • Web-based libraries
  • Local Assembly meetings
  • State Assembly meetings
  • Continental Marshall and Deputy Program
  • Florida PeaceKeeper academy
  • State and County Committees

We as a People can come together on the criminal trespasses being employed upon us. Issues right now: mandated vaccines, 5G, censorship, education, courts, guardianship, mortgage fraud, and many other types of fraud. These are systems of social control and have nothing to do with protecting you and guaranteeing your rights. Rather, you will be branded like cattle to show ownership, your DNA will be modified just like GMO’s and a patent placed on you. This is very similar to the birth certificate unlawful conversion process.

The Florida Assembly is honorable, peaceable, productive, and lawful— an assembly that is safely guided, committed to restoring the lawful government, enforcing the Public Law, and upholding the Constitutional Guarantees owed to Florida and Floridians.

We have so much power if we will simply use it and unite together. We are not a grassroots organization or an association. We are one of the people. We can do this together. We have lawful means and a peaceful remedy. Please share it with everyone you know…it is going to take a united front to make a change. Where We Go One, We Go All.

Staying Pre-Prayered,
Ralph David Moore
The Florida State Assembly Coordinator/Interim Chairman
A trusted servant that does not govern

Ralph Moore, Coordinator