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On the LRS (land recording system) at

  • Create an account
  • Create your profile
  • Upload a thumbprint and passport photo

You are then ready to create your documents


Place Publishing Order to choose which packet you want to work with: Each document is $3 to create and publish. Choose from 1779 or 928.


National: 1779 (minimum Requirement for ASN Credentials)


  • One Page Declaration: Born in America, Immigrant or Federal Employee: birth name
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Two Witness Statements from different people who have known you for 7+ yrs

National or Citizen: 928 Packet


  • Deed of Conveyance (if born outside US), Deed of Reconveyance (born in US): birth name
  • Certificate of Assumed Name: birth name
  • 3 Oaths of Act of Expatriation (birth name essential but 3 additional can be used for married name). You will have to purchase at least one John Mark Doe, (2 if you want married name), one or more John M. Doe, and one or more John Doe.
  • Cancellation of all Prior Powers of Attorney
  • DNA Paramount Claim
  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (Mandatory Notice)
  • Declaration of Political Status
  • IRS letters to Revoke your Election to pay taxes
  • Birth Certificate copy

Vendor Card Essentials


Revocation of election to pay taxes


  • (2 letters): Purchase a General Revocation credit on LRS
  • Voter Cancellation Record: Purchase a General Revocation credit on LRS: Colorado Secretary of State


Declaration of Political Status (Print 2)
Military Cancellation: Form DD 2168 or letter to commander: (ONLY FOR MILITARY)
Common Carry Declaration
Sign In America Certificate: Purchase a General Notice credit on LRS