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structure of the original government to be reconstructed

texas as an example

First, our Constitution guarantees us a “republican form of government” — “republican” = Latin, feminine, adjective. This is the form of government provided by the county level local government occupying the soil jurisdiction and is created when (and only when) people claim their birthright political status and join together to create a County Jural Assembly. Please note that our right to peaceably “assemble” is one of the guarantees of all three Constitutions.

So, that means people need to be claiming back their Good Names and Estates and returning — or, the fancy legal term for the same thing—“re-conveying” your Trade Name to its natural permanent domicile on “land and soil of Texas” or another American state so that you can lawfully act as an Elector and Juror in an American Common Law Court and are lawfully enabled to exercise your right to peaceably assemble and create a County Jural Assembly.

Once you have your County Jural Assembly formed, and a minimum of 26 qualified jurors in your jury pool you can engage in a lawful election process – 30 day Public Notice of Nominations Meeting, closing of nominations, 30 day Public Notice of Election time and place, secure secret paper balloting, the election of County Sheriff, Justice(s) of the Peace, Bailiff, Court Clerk, and Coroner.

As the head peacekeeping officer of the actual factual unincorporated County, the Sheriff so elected takes over as the senior and highest-ranking Officer of the Law. He must be bonded for his performance of his duties (to protect him from damage claims) and must take the proper non-religious Oath of Office required (our actual government separates Church and State functions so there is no “so help me God” in the lawful Oath of Office). The Sheriff elected by the local County Jural Assembly is then enabled to deputize as many Deputies as needed to keep the peace. He also takes control of the operations of any and all Territorial and Municipal law enforcement agencies operating within his county.

Unlike the “Sheriffs” elected by incorporated Territorial “Counties”, the actual unincorporated County Sheriff is not obligated to kowtow to any federal agencies that usurp upon his jurisdiction, which includes all local affairs, all non-delegated powers. Generally speaking, this means that he rides herd on federal agents and agencies to make sure they are not over-stepping their boundaries and provides the “check” to ensure that things are kept in balance and that Territorial Sheriffs are addressing only Territorial Citizens and territorial issues, such as the interstate sale of tobacco, guns, and alcohol.

People often ask why we have to elect County Coroners. We need County Coroners to keep the public records of deaths and probate actions initiated in the County Court, but we also need County Coroners because they are the ones who can impeach and remove a State Governor.

The counties all then come together and select three Deputies each to act as their Fiduciary Officers at the State Assembly level. This is where the State Republic (Latin, masculine, noun) comes into play, as in The Republic of Texas. Just as the Counties occupy the soil jurisdiction, the State Republics occupy the land jurisdiction.

Because our States are Nations, and our Nations are States in America, the words “interstate” and “international” are synonymous. Knowing that it makes a lot more sense when I tell you that the land jurisdiction is international in nature. The Republic of Texas is responsible for doing the business of the soil jurisdiction people and counties with the rest of the world, including the other States. When the Republic of Texas elects three Delegates to attend a Congress of the States, we are talking about a Continental Congress of the kind that issued The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.

Thus, when we say “land and soil of Texas” we are referring to two related jurisdictions, local and international, occupied by the living people of Texas. The people occupying the land and soil of Texas are self-governing— meaning that they have organized themselves and have established their own local and state national government to conduct their own business affairs.

Prior to 1851, the “state” created by a statewide assembly of County Deputies of the soil jurisdiction counties was indicated by the use of all small letters: texas, ohio, minnesota, and so on. These bodies are intended to hold the purse strings for the counties on statewide issues and sort out things like apportionments – for example, it would be unreasonable for a sparsely populated county out in West Texas to pay the same apportionment for roads as Dallas-Fort Worth, yet both counties have state roads that need to be maintained.

The international level land jurisdiction State was (and still is) distinguished by the use of a single capital letter in the name: Texas.

The Union formed by these States (Texas, Ohio, Minnesota….et alia) is known as The United States of America (Unincorporated) and please note that these States have never given up one iota of their land or soil jurisdiction.

So, the people delegate some of their power to the local County, the Counties delegate some of their power to the State and the State is a member of a Union of States doing business as The United States of America (Unincorporated) since September 9, 1776.

These States and their people have been at peace since 1814, when the Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812.

In view of all the war-mongering and death and destruction that has gone on since 1814, this must come as jaw-dropping news, or else as an absurdity worthy of a good laugh, but it is nonetheless true. So who or what has been doing all the fighting?

The States of States.

Notice there is a state called “texas” also known as The Republic of Texas that results when the soil jurisdiction counties come together in a statewide assembly. There is also a State called “Texas” that results when the counties send elected Fiduciary Deputies to a State Assembly.

So far we haven’t even touched on anything called “State of Texas” have we? That’s because so far, we have only been talking about soil and land jurisdiction states.

The States like Texas and Ohio have a Union called The United States of America which is, like the land jurisdiction States, unincorporated. These are the Sovereign States and the Union of Sovereign States, respectively. This is known as the Federation of States, formed by The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, and it has been this way since 1776.

However, there is another Union called the Confederation of States, that has been doing business almost as long (1781) under the auspices of The Articles of Confederation. This was— and may be again —a confederation of National-level States of States operated by the Sovereign States to do business in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Without leaving its own habitation on the land, the sovereign State called Texas created The State of Texas to represent its interests and conduct its business in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

The State of Texas then joined with The State of Ohio and The State of Wisconsin, et alia, to form the States of America organization. These were all unincorporated businesses chartered by the sovereign States to conduct business, such as international trade, on their behalf.

As they were chartered directly by a sovereign land jurisdiction State to represent its interests, these States of States functioned at the National-level in the international jurisdiction of the sea — as a counterpart to the States functioning at the National-level in the international jurisdiction of the land.

Texas is part of The United States of America union, The State of Texas is part of the States of America union.

As you can now see, The Republic of Texas derives from the statewide assembly of counties, Texas derives from a State Assembly of county delegates, and The State of Texas results from the Texas State Assembly doing business as The State of Texas. At least, that’s how it worked initially, and how it is supposed to work…..but something happened on the way to the Cotton Market in 1858.

The British Government and many British Peers had invested heavily in the Egyptian cotton industry, in more or less direct competition with American cotton producers — and they were losing the contest, despite the fact that the Egyptian cotton was far closer to the European markets the British hoped to dominate. As a result, the American cotton producers had to be quashed and regulated so as to open up the European market for British-backed Egyptian cotton to take over—and the British Government and the Peerage to avoid a bath in red ink.

Not unreasonably, the American cotton-producing States objected. The so-called “American Civil War” was the result. It had nothing to do with slavery. It was not a war. It was a commercial mercenary conflict staged on our shores by the British-backed Territorial Government against the dissenting members of the States of America, which sought to leave the original Confederation of States and form one of their own.

How do we know that this was never a “war”, but instead a private commercial mercenary conflict? There is no Declaration of War made by any Continental Congress, nor is there any such declaration by any properly seated and empowered National-level Congress of The States of States in Congress Assembled. There is also no Peace Treaty ending any such “war”. And we note that the so-called “Reconstruction Acts” treasonously imposed by the British-backed Territorial Government are still not repealed, providing evidence of ongoing unconstitutional British meddling in our affairs.

The Southern States operating their National-level States of States that were members of the States of America union formed under The Articles of Confederation sought to withdraw and create their own new union called, logically enough, The Confederate States of America.

The British Government was so bent on controlling both our commerce (business between incorporated entities) and dominating our international trade policies (business between unincorporated businesses) that after the hostilities ceased, they usurped against all our National-level States of States (North and South) and moth-balled them, pending their “Reconstruction”, and rolled over all their assets into State Land Trusts operated under names like the “Texas State”.

This gave the appearance that since our National-level States of States were no longer operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, that our government as a whole was “in abeyance” and being “held in trust” pending “reconstruction”—– and that is how the perpetrators of this massive criminal fraud scheme have presented the situation to the rest of the world for the last 150 years.

They next imposed upon the sovereign States and engineered the writing of new “State Constitutions” which, undisclosed to the people, were not rewrites of the existing National-level State of State Constitutions, but were instead completely new constitutions allowing British-backed Territorial-level State of State organizations to take over and control everything.

The National-level States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Texas, were secretively replaced by Territorial-level States of States doing business as the State of Texas, etc. The names were deliberately and deceptively similar so that to Joe Average nothing appeared to have changed. There was a State of Texas doing business before the “war” and a State of Texas doing business afterward and they appeared to be the same, albeit one was authorized to act in behalf of the actual land jurisdiction State of the Union and one was a foreign, British-backed, unauthorized usurper.

This is in complete Breach of Trust, Fraud, and Violation of Commercial Contract, and it is what must now be addressed by the American People and the sovereign land jurisdiction States of the original unincorporated union of the States doing business as The United States of America.

The aim here is to restore and empower our “missing” National-level States of States to their rightful power and position, enabling them to act in behalf of the actual land jurisdiction States, re-vesting all assets held in the State Land Trusts back to the actual States and people.

That is, the assets held by the Texas State trust must be re-vested to Texas, and the original National level State of State doing business as The State of Texas must r vest to take over the bankrupt Territorial State of Texas and liquidated Municipal STATE OF TEXAS assets as the Priority Creditors and Holders in Due Course.

Both The United States of America (Unincorporated) — the union of the sovereign States, and the sovereign land jurisdiction States individually— are still operating and still standing peaceably on the land they are heir to. All assets of the Texas State belong to Texas and are not chattel backing the bankruptcy of any Territorial State of Texas or any Municipal STATE OF TEXAS presumed to exist. All assets of The State of Texas likewise belong to Texas despite immoral and despicable British meddling in our national affairs under conditions of Breach of Trust, deceit, fraud, and fraudulent claims of “war”.

And now that we have that clear, The United States of America (Unincorporated), the union of the sovereign States, is directing the international bankruptcy trustees to return the assets held in trust by the Territorial State of Texas and the Municipal STATE OF TEXAS back to Texas, while the people are busily restoring their county jural assemblies and The Republic of Texas, rightfully doing business as Texas and The State of Texas.

Our Government As It Is Supposed to Be

  • People
  • Counties — republican soil jurisdiction counties
  • Republics – national soil jurisdiction states – The Republic of Texas/Continental Congress
  • States – international land jurisdiction States – Texas/United States in Congress Assembled
  • The United States of America (Unincorporated) A Federation of Sovereign States
  • ——————-Land jurisdiction above this line, Sea jurisdiction below this line—————–
  • The States of America (Unincorporated) A Confederation of Dependent States
  • States of States (National) owed: The Constitution for the united States of America***
  • The State of Texas/States of America in Congress Assembled**
  • States of States (Territorial) owed: The Constitution of the United States of America
  • (Territorial) State of Texas /United States of America Congress
  • States of States (Municipal) owed: The Constitution of the United States

*** Indicates the “missing” National-level States of States, e.g. The State of Texas


  • The soil jurisdiction Republics, like The Republic of Texas, formed Continental Congresses when they meet.
  • The land jurisdiction States like Texas form the United States in Congress Assembled.
  • The National-level States of States, like The State of Texas, are supposed to form the States of America in Congress Assembled.
  • The Territorial “State of Texas” was never authorized to exist and neither was the Municipal “STATE OF TEXAS”.
  • They simply infringed upon our copyrights and usurped our lawful government while taking their paychecks from our pockets using semantic deceits and fraud under Breach of Trust and in violation of Commercial Contract.
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